EVENTS! [ Part I ]

Hey guys i have a new idea for a new section… EVENTS!!! This section will have multiple new missions some of them is just a virtual missions for trains but some of them are a bunch of very big and hard wave!!

Events will be divided into seasonal events and a variety of enemy attacks

Q1. What’ll you get after emerging a victorious?
750 Keys + Keys you get for every mission
3000 Galactic Fuel

~This game should really add more currencies bro like… Mysterious Crystals or something idk…

Q2. Will these events end?
Of course, Every event will have a start date & end date.

Q3. Can i play these events with Multiplayer mode on?
Yes, You can! But your score won’t appear in the Leaderboard…

Q4. Will these events have a leaderboard?
Yeah but you must fly these missions before the end date, because after that the event will end and the leaderboard will show the best recruits who got the higher scores in this event.

Q5. How long is a regular Enemy attack event?
From 10 to 20 days at least.

If you have another questions, please leave it and I’ll answer you, i just answered the most important questions for now.

1. The Henperors’ Revenge (Enemy Attack)

This event is a missions pack and will contain new waves and a new type of chickens!

:package: • Missions Pack: (7 Missions)
:thermometer: • Missions Difficulty: (15% - 30%) +10% Every Mission…
:newspaper: • Story:-
It seems that the chickens knew how to make advanced tools to supply to the Henperors and now they are very angry and powerful. Defeat them and collect the remaining tools to benefit from them later.

New Enemies:-

  • Egg Bot (egg-drone)
  • Laser Henperor
  • Heat Henperor
  • Commander Henperor
  • Apprentice Henperor
  • Guided Missiles!
  • Deluxe UFO (contains a new type of aliens)

New Waves:-

  1. The Maze
  2. The Greatest Windmill
  3. The Commanders
  4. Egg Bots!!
  5. Brace!! (High-speed comets!)
  6. Technical Error
  7. !_&ERR0R?@#$
  8. Lasers (Be careful!!)
  9. Chicken Harmonics
  10. Eggship fly-by
  11. Unknown Terminator Rockets or Inbound Missile Strike!


#1 The Maze
This wave will have the Heat Henperor, The Commander Henperor and some chickens wondering around

At the beginning the spacecraft will fly to the left direction, and you’ll be able to see the only yellow area, after killing the 2 henperors, the camera will zoom out to fit the red area, and after killing the chickens the camera will zoom out again to show the rest of the chickens, i know… this wave is kinda weird but i with some tweaks it can be a good wave.

#2 The Greatest Windmills
Like the normal windmill wave but with 2 windmill

#3 The Commanders
This wave looks like “the next generation” wave but with commander Henperors instead!

#4 Egg Bots!!
Exactly like the “Entering egg-drone minefield!”.

8 egg bots arrive from the bottom border of the screen, flying up. (In easy difficulty)

12 pairs of egg drones arrive from the bottom border of the screen, flying up. (In medium/hard difficulty)

#5 Brace!!
Same as the old “brace” wave but this time with red comets instead.

#6 Lasers
Will contain the Laser Henperor with “Technological Advances” style.

#8 Chicken Harmonics
Same as the old echicken harmonics" wave but with different Chickens depending on the difficulty and will contain at least 1 type of the henperors.

#9 Eggship fly-by
Exactly like the old “eggship fly-by” wave.

#10 Inbound Missile Strike!
Exactly like the old “inbound missile strike” wave but with extra missiles depending on the difficulty.

#BONUS Unknown Terminator Rockets
This one is my favorite! These rockets are just older corrupted versions of the spacecrafts we used to fight chickens, but the chickens managed to get these spacecrafts and fixed it to only follow you (like the assassin chick but will follow you even if you didn’t hit it), you’ll encounter 2 of them at the same time in the easy difficulty, 3 of them at the same time in the medium difficulty and 4 of them at the same time in the hard difficulty.

10 Rockets will appear in the easy difficulty.
12 Rockets will appear in the medium difficulty.
14 Rockets will appear in the hard difficulty.

New obstacles:-
A Henperor egg lol

Now, I’ll explain how the new enemies will fight you…

1. Laser Henperor

This henperor got developed and now has the alien ability to shoot a blue laser at the bottom of the screen, before which a dotted line appears to warn you. The laser tapers out as it goes on.

HP: 2000 (affected by difficulty).

Shoots blue laser at the bottom every 8s and have %20 chance to shoot laser directly at you.

2. Heat/Hot Henperor

Can generate fire balls (just like the Phoenix Chicken) but faster and more accurate and have a chance to generate a shield to protect himself from your bullets.

HP: 1500 (Affected by difficulty).

3. Commander Henperor

Can control objects around him and move towards you or to protect himself, have a very high chance to control enemies to shoot more projectiles at you and to move faster (you can the commander effect in there eyes, a pink glow coming from there eyes).

HP: ummm… Could have the same health & size of the SLOP.

4. Normal Henperor/Apprentice Henperor
So with this one, i got 2 ideas:-

  1. Will fight you by choosing one of the abilities that belongs to his brothers randomly.

  2. Only shoots black glowing eggs and… That’s it lul.

And that’s all for the Henperors’ Revenge Event, I hope you liked it, i worked so hard to write and search for information and to design all the images, if you didn’t like the idea please tell how we can improve it to be more cool and balanced

I read an idea about new waves in retro missions and wormholes while traveling, i think it’ll be cool if iA made a whole new event about retro missions (or/and) wormholes and added these waves, the story might be something like "The chicken opened a mysterious wormholes to get benefit of the old parts there to use it in evil purposes or smthn, shout out to @Mzdziungwa and his idea: “Wormhole (updated)”.

The next event will be about FOOD!

see you in part II :grin:


This is ambitious enough to be a whole other game, or at least a very major update.
Huge time commitment and time sink, for a very high reward but only to the winner.
Also, this is singleplayer-vs-singleplayer right? If multiplayer doesn’t get on leaderboard?

what is this?

I mean this poor pizza delivery guy, iA should add him but with better graphics, and maybe a whole new pizza-hot restaurant for it…

um we already have fester aliens they have the same attack

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