Why the game is still in early access?

The game is in early access for too much like for real, why don’t you just release it already
it doesn’t seem to have any bugs or difficulties i don’t know why you make the people wait so much
for this game. I understand that there are new things to add but why don’t you add them in
patch updates instead of waiting half year to make it perfect, even you can’t because there is always
something new to fix or add. This opinion is not only mine it’s the opinion of all people who wait the game
to be released, so i hope you do release it at least to christmas because i’m kinda getting triggered
because i check your site like once a month for the game and i see that still ci5 is the newest, like for real
just release it and do patches. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Isn’t it still not feature complete, especially in terms of content? Early Access also lets iA experiment with new mechanics and do breaking changes to the game.


Not only that but frequent updates would be quite annoying. When games are in Early Access, that means their developers can make all sorts of experiments and decide what big features to add. In CIU’s case, these features would be original content - there are no new waves yet, only reused waves so far.

We must also keep in mind that IA is not a huge company with tons of programmers, musicians, artists, writers and whatnot - it consists of a single programmer, a single artist and a music team. We have to be patient.


well as dev myself i have to say. when the game is in early access developers can experiment with new things and to see would it make sense to be in game or it would not make sense to be in the game. sometimes it takes a lot of time to decide what to add in the game.

Tell this to Robocraft. CIU have reasons to be in Early access.


This is IA not Bethesda…


Are you actually?
That’s cool.

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That’s true. Even IA agrees with it: Goals for Full release? - #3 by InterAction_studios

Well… For me the thing is that there aren’t enough new things. You must have something new to attract players. Especially players that already played Chicken Invaders games. After release it would be better to add new stuff in form of bigger updates not many small ones.

Yeah, we all remember how exactly ended up experimenting with mechanics and doing breaking changes at the start of the Early Access.

I don’t know why you all mention experimenting with new things, because I don’t exactly see it in CIU. Yeah, we occasionally get new things like a 1 new spaceship type, 3 new chickens or bosses, but I didn’t saw any updates that were focused on experimenting with existing mechanics (aside of that one time when the bomber spaceship was released).

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