Goals for Full release?

Now I’m not asking for a release date, we all know it fluctuates and not set. However, I’m wondering what Interaction Studios aims at for the release. What features do you wish to add? What content will be pre, and which post release? And are you happy with the game and the community around it?
Perhaps many ideas are still not finalized to say what they are, but you can atleast say what you want right now. So @InterAction_studios, is your vision being fullfilled?


I think that they wrote sometime ago that they have their own list of to-do things and even some people wanted to see it, but no response from IA. The only way of checking what we might get in the future is to see their liked posts (Collection of ideas liked by InterAction Studios)
It would be good to see a roadmap, development blog etc

Very pertinent.

Well, the game has been in Early Access for five months now (which is a lot longer than originally anticipated), so the current priority is to bring it up to a state where it be officially released (so its starts earning money). This is why for the last few updates the focus has been on getting those grayed-out “coming soon” buttons implemented – so the game at least looks feature-complete.

I’m keen to add new weapons and enemies, but they will need to wait. Of course, it doesn’t help that the game is very complex and bugs keep cropping up (in large part due to insufficient testing on my part), slowing down overall progress. An ongoing problem is also that there’s a huge backlog of things on the to-do/to-fix lists (the list is currently >500 items, and gets longer each day, not shorter ).

Before release the economy will also need to be overhauled, because as it currently stands there is no incentive for players to spend money (not even for a Chicken Hunter License). I’ve been putting this off because I find it very boring, but if the game is going to survive for long after release, it will need to be addressed.

The community is currently very small, but passionate. Small is to be expected, because I haven’t done any promotion (not even on the IA website). It’s also desired, because it keeps the server costs down. Passionate is great of course because I can count on you guys to discover every little bug, but it’s also a problem because you don’t represent the typical/casual/beginner player (which is what the target audience needs to be for the game to be successful). So you get threads like SSH is too easy, which boggle the mind :slight_smile: . I’m really worried about this, actually. The game needs to be accessible and fun for a first-timer, and we’re clearly not there yet.


Did you code CIU all alone? That must be quite a lot to do…

I think he is the main guy there. There are probably a few more working with him.

Uh,aside from music and sound effects,no.

When I was younger I thought IA was medium company. Nothing like EA or others, but one of those that creates the casual games. After revisiting the franchise over the year or two and getting on the forum, I saw that IA was quite small. And now… wow. 1 person with art help? I gotta say… I’m seriously impressed!

I never thought about how big ialogoS is because first time I played their game was in 2007. I was 4 years old and didn’t think about it :slight_smile:

@InterAction_studios Don’t forget about The Feather Fields mission ok? because you said that you would add The Feather Fields mission.

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