Why Does The Superstar Hero Skill Makes The Mission Inpossible?

As Well We Know That Pros Only Can Play Superstar Hero And I Play It Too! But When I Use It The Games Feel A Very Harder On (I CANT NO DAMAGE ON SSH :skull::skull::skull:) I BECAME UNCANNY IN THAT ONE (This Is SSH)

:skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull::skull: we know it gaves more score and key rate BUT MORE IMPOSSIBLE DIFFICULT (fact if i didnt use SSH It Will be original that they are 3 chickens are original but more 2 chickens in SSH :skull::skull::skull::skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones:)

i think 1 big chicken in 0 to 20 2 from 20 to 40 3 from 60 to 80 4 from 80 to 100 5 from 100 to 120 and 6 from 120 to 140

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This is your favorite mission but On SSH

i know

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Skill issue
It’s possible to beat the entire mission at 100% difficulty + SSH, you just have to dodge a lot, or for some just stay in a corner until you can attack
If you can’t then skill issue


Clearly a skill issue. You keep dying to projectiles. I think you might have to try training with the daily missions or challenges. SSH increases the projectile speed AND enemy health, so having a better weapon at the start is better. Aim for a :zap:5 weapon or higher.

I’m not saying you’re bad at the game, but it’s just that you might need to practice a bit more.


You just don’t know that SSH significantly increasing difficulty (making mission harder), do you?

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Tip: Try some easier mission first.
When you think you are good enough, try to play harder. Also , practice more. Use Rookie skills if possible, then try higher later on.

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well can easy through. im using h&c hatchling ssh mode! and never spam from dpo’s


Well, I will just fix a little bit because you missed the difficulty 40% - 60%.

  • 1 key: 0% - <25% = 1 big chicken
  • 2 keys: 25% - <50% = 2 big chickens
  • 3 keys: 50% - <75% = 3 big chickens
  • 4 keys: 75% - <100% = 4 big chickens
  • 5 keys: 100% - <125% = 5 big chickens
  • 6 keys: 125% - 140% = 6 big chickens

I dont know if these are all true. If there are mistakes, please let me know.

edit: the number of big chickens is equal to the number of keys


I think you just need to practice at easier difficulties first and learn some tricks and strategy (like the go in a corner thing).

2 short answers: skill issue and low firepower.

Also: use less emoji please.

Skill Issue

140% yolk star is thrice as hard as show’em who’s boss, the terminator chickens will chase you till death

You just need more practice + Show 'em who’s the boss is very ez boss even with SSH skill, every mission in the entire CIU Galaxy is possible at 100% difficulty with SSH Skill as Eric said

(I think you should post topics like this in Chatting place as a reply)

Fact:Who Play This Mission Like That Becomes A Legndary Guy (AND WITH 1 LIVES)

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I know you arent saying im bad at game but i really have weapon in 5 power but i want to upgrade it but i have other many thing because im begginer in game

I Know I Mean if the chickens was 3 and we used ssh it adds 2 chickens (they become 5).

Nevermind. I Started With Tourist (Easiest One) Then Rookie (Deafult Skill if you didnt put a skill) THEN SUPERSTAR HERO (Impossible Mode)

Its Not Based About The Chickens Number It Only based on the difficult

What EZ ON SSH? Dont You Read The Difficult Is higher and projectiles faster this time?