Why am I never on the top 10 for space race?

So I know for space race is meant to be quick, but I can’t ever be quick enough. Like I’m always a minute away from being number 10 on the leaderboard. Like I am going quick but how quick do I have to be? It kinda takes a while on bosses usually, but what weapons should I use for space races and satellites?

Maybe that’s because others are using the strategy of Kamikaze.
When you die in a Space Race


Great idea! I’ll give it a try

Also does dying cost any points or penalties?

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Yeah. You lose 1 life and few firepowers.

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That’s fine then.

Mass condensers ?

There should really be a big penalty (1-2 minutes) for using this item.

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I just realized that I never use the special weapons because it costs you time

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