When you die in a Space Race

or trying to do a “No Death” run


Dying is useful on bosses though.


Having -5 Firepower and making the bossfight longer :+1:

Ahem, Mass Condensers exist.


wait whut

Equipping three of them increases the spaceship crash damage to 155000, which lets you kill most bosses in 1 or 2 crashes.


9 times out of 10 you aren’t dying by getting hit by the enemy but the projectile being shot by the enemy so Mass Condenser is only useful when trolling.

You can always crash on purpose, and it’s necessary for the space race.

How is it necessary?

Um, it saves time? Lol.
It’s instant 155000 damage.

Woah I did not know that Mass Condenser deals that much damage

also is the Laser Pointer a cosmetic?


If it wasn’t helpful then how would I keep getting the first place every time with my time result being sometimes minutes ahead of the others?


Is it necessary to equip 3 or is one viable enough?

also does it work if you equip both poultry payback and Mass C?

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If you equip one, you’ll have to crash a lot more.
Yes, they work together, but poultry payback barely does anything.

Space race shouldn’t count with this. It’s just lazy.


There is a reason for everything that exists is in this game. What matters the most in space race? Time. What is the fastest way to destroy bosses? Crash in them.
It is the same as players in Daily challenges that are ranked by their score and the daily/weekly activity is counted by waves.
People will always use the most efficient ways to be the fastest/ get the highest score.

You might consider it as being lazy, but you can’t deny the fact that @Sammarald is almost always first in space races.


Well, not everything in the game is good then.

Yes, time. And by that I assume someone’s abilities to destroy bosses efficiently using weapons and not some cheap tricks.

This is just a BS way and shouldn’t be added ever. But here we are.

Well, at least there it’s not exactly worth it to crash the bosses with your spaceship, but still I would like to see a new challenge where all helping things (satellites, superweapons etc.) are disabled. Everyone gets the same equipment and you are competing just with your skill.

There was already a discussion (and it was your discussion) about that and honestly I don’t agree with the explanation that IA used. We should think of something more accurate.

Well said Sherlock. But let’s consider if the ways available in the game are actually fair or good. It’s just pure laziness without skill.

I’m not denying this fact. If anything I can use it as my proof.

It’s a strategy, you are free to apply it.

I would have never though of going yihad on any game, so it’s kind of funny.

Still, remember that you’re losing lives for this strategy, so at 1-2 per boss you have, 8 lost lives? That’s almost 40 keys, so while you could say that this strategy is lazy and sHoLd Be bAnNed, remember that it comes with a cost. Also, the three mass condensers cost keys and loosing firepower doesn’t help on time unless it’s only on the final boss.


It’s an open early access version forum. I’m free to complaint.

So? Players decided to lose their lives this way. I’d say that no one forced you to do so, but that’s not true because of others doing it. If you want to even have a little chance of winning you also must use this strategy. And the fact that it comes with a cost doesn’t matter here.

Still, it saves you time by minutes as EmeraldPlay wrote.

Speaking of keys. Has everyone forgot that this game will have the option to purchase keys with REAL MONEY? So to make it more clear: If you want to win at space race (which is a global leaderboard challenge) you must either grind the keys yourself (it’s not a problem for SSH player right now, we don’t know if there will be any changes with keys economy) or pay for them. The second option is dangerously close to pay-2-win.