Why am i banned for no reason?

I just started up the game and i saw that i was banned and if i can get explanation, that would be great. As i remember, i didn’t do anything against the rules.

Attempting to circumvent the payment system is against the Terms of Service. So, in fact you did something “against the rules”.


I wonder, if anyone even thinks of doing a chargeback, will you enact a ban on the account?

I believe (at least in case of Steam) that it explicitly tells you that it’s not refundable.

Wait out your ban month and don’t try to fool payment system again.

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Heh its not too much just wait

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One more time.


I am purposefully keeping these types of topic open.


Every player who is banned is not without reason. Maybe u cheated or something else.

dude, we already know the reason

so what was the reason?

scroll up?


Alright, So be it your think. :man_shrugging:


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