So i got banned for no reason (i think)

the reason i can make at the top of my head is using vulgar language, but the last time i used it was months ago i don’t know why i got banned or how i got banned. all i know is i am banned until april 19, 2024

are you tried to Logging in 10 times?

What’s your in-game callsign?


You can’t get banned for nothing

You must have used cheats or tampered with game’s memory

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i also think he was possibly cheated,so when system was detected that,his/her account then got temporarily banned.there must be a reason for banning.also,its possible that the memory was modified in some way which game system itself does not accept.

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my callsign is shjagcdshj

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I see various violations for your account in the logs, from key editing to speed hacking to memory monitoring.

This is your second ban. The next time you will be banned permanently.


The logs doesn’t lie, your bad actions will always be recorded. Anti-cheat system always watching for you, so there’s nothing called “for no reason”. Consider yourself to remove every cheating tools you got and play as a normal players like everyone else.

You can get advices from everyone to know how to get keys faster, or literally everything you need. Not just cheating so seriously like this.

Never cheating again and be a good player, you’ll find out what’s better. That’s what I can say for now.


This is last ban even if you did again, then will permanently be banned, remind yourself.

what?! the last time i did key editing was on my first ban

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That doesn’t make it any better over the fact that you still cheated


I didn’t say key editing was recent. All violations are recorded permanently and are part of your account forever.


Did he cheat after the first ban ended?
If yes, then the second ban is legal
If no, then i think you should give him a chance and unban him

If he didn’t cheat after the first ban then there should be no reason to make a false ban, as the anti-cheat got tweaked thousands of time to work strictly and well.

The log itself already have the evidence of memory tampering/monitoring and hacking.

Cheating is bad, come on.

There’s no way it could go wrong, as I mentioned up there.
Also, cheating is not good at its first place, so no mercy should be shown unless there’s an exact false ban. You can already see the result.


But I only edited the detail setting after that I didn’t edit anything

IA, please close this topic.

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Agree with you, should be close this topic right now and immediately.


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