Where to find key rush mission?

I don’t know where to find

For now only one try in the mailbox

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IA should announce the release of key rush missions on heavenly bodies. Also I feel like making them just rare isn’t a good countermeasure against them being farmed. Players can mark a mission as a favorite and they’ll always stay there. A better suggestion to make these waves feel more special is my making them more difficult, aka a guaranteed epic wave and reducing their rarity. To combat them from being farmed, these mission will be made not to appear in recent missions and they can’t be marked as favorite, there should also be a limit on how many times these missions can be played each day. The limit can be scaled to the average rate of keys that a player obtains with a focus on helping newer players. I just can’t overlook how this wave being farmed will disrupt the economy unless it is intended to be farmed in which case, cycle the waves that appear, no one enjoys playing a monotonous game just for a reward. It will feel hollow for them. These are just my thoughts on all this. I am really sorry for posting a large post like this but god it opens up a door for exploitation.


Well, supernova mission are still there tho. ANd I have a felling they will still be better for farming.

Do they still drop multiple keys? I am AFKing Minecraft and can’t play right now. It eats up too much of my laptop’s memory.

What do you mean? There was nothing listed about supernovas. I don’t think anything changd.

I’m pretty sure that Supernova missions only give you one key per wave. Prove me wrong.

Yes, but the boss give you 3, multiply that per 5. I’ve got a mission that gives you 1780 keys in 1 hour.

Key rush missions are flown once only, can’t be favourited, and can’t be squadron-assigned.

Thank goodness! They would be farmed otherwise and people would get the wrong experience with hours spent on grinding keys with the same mission. It would get monotonous. However I still have an issue, actually I still have many issues but those take more time and are reserved for some time later. Why are the game settings resetted whenever I update the game. I’ve died multiple times when I found out that the assigned key doesn’t do it’s function.

Farming is optional anyway, depends on your choice.

Unfortunately players must partake in farming in order to gain a higher key count and buy more items so that they come at No.1 in the periodical challenges and boast their skills.

Or they could play normally for some time. The rate at which you earn keys is satysfying enough.

Early Access feature: reset any in-game options you have configured (including satellite auto-fire ON and reset tutorial). When the game goes to full version this won’t happen again.

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It’s still irritating though.

You don’t understand that some people have bigger egos than yours and mine.

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This right here is totally false. I played with a new account a few times(it was named guest#randomnumberidon’tremember) and was able to get 1st place a few times even with very few items. And I really only got keys from the dailies themselves. You can’t just rely on special items,you still need to know how to play.

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Instead of a super rare normal mission,it could be an additional daily.Just sayin’.Everyone deserves a chance,but only one.

No, there should be something “rare” and “extraordinary” that should only be available to real Veterans of the game.