Where are CI2 and CI3's waves in CIU?

This BETA version of CIU only has CI4 and CI5’s waves. Where are CI2 and CI3’s waves in CIU? That is a hard question. I think CIU should have many waves from CI2 and CI3. Example:

  • Boss Battle.
  • Bonus Challenge wave.
  • Double Trouble and Treble Trouble (CI3)
  • Asteroid
  • Classic Invasion (CI3)
    and more…

And those waves can collect key as same as CI4 and CI5’s waves.


Nice idea

The old geometries were good. I think they were called chicken geömetry and ſquare dancing. Those would be perfect eſpecially for the harder miſſions.

But that’s already planned…

It would be a good idea putting on some strange planet a wave from Chicken Invaders (DOS version) (with pixelated chickens).


Imagine 8 bit chickens in retro missions

i think IA is planning on bringing these soon already

Yeah, but still I hate bonus challenges. Xd