What you don't want in the final game?

Everyone here is suggesting many ideas, some better, some less, but I never saw anybody posting something that they wouldn’t like to be in the game, and for a good reason- an idea of what you do want in the he game can help more and be more supportive than an idea of what shouldn’t be in the game.

That said, ideas of what shouldn’t be in the game are still important, and for this reason I made this topic, so that everyone could write what they wouldn’t like in the final game.


I remember that IA said in one of their earlier updates that then would offer keys to buy in real Mony.
I personally wouldn’t like to be dependent on keys so much that I will need to buy them for real money.

Tl;Dr : I don’t want IA to become EA…


An energy sytem that limits your play time. (refer to lives in Candy Crush). Also, this should never become a cashgrab.

There are many games that were ruined because the developers only cared for money, not for a good game.


Yes iA should’t become EA, everyone understands what that means so there’s no need to explain further :smiley:.


Hi, we are offended by what you said about us, we are the real EA™©® and not an account made by you :wink:


Oh hello ea! While you are here can I ask when will you release this new controller?


Anish Kapoor.

I don’t want Anish Kapoor.

So I guess we’re doing okay so far.

I used a throwaway email for the EAgames account, and that email expired, so I can’t go to the EAgames account anymore… :cry:

Hry EA why are you so greedy? And why did you ruin so many great franchises through the years???

I’m the unofficial spokesperson of EAgames and here is what they want to say:
Here at EAgames we think with innovation and creativity, it seems that you are talking about a different company named EA™. EAganes isn’t connected to EA™ to any shape or form and the oddly similar name is just a mere coincidence.

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Ask them if they can buy franchises from EA and make them good again.

I asked and they said that their budget is 50$ right now…so no
Edit: someone bought an overpriced coca cola can from a vending machine, and now they have 45$ (the money also got stuck and the cola didn’t come out :slightly_frowning_face:).


What are you doing here? And how do you know who offended you? However go back in your forums and dont ever come back here.

How dare you create fake accounts of our company??? We see all of your offensive and hateful comments about us and we will not tolerate it, from now on anyone who spreads hate towards our company and overpriced games WILL be banned from our forum. You may be wondering “this is not your forum!” Well we have decided to buy Chicken invaders franchiss from @InterAction_studios and we will make some tweaks and changes we’re sure you’ll like, it involves DLCs you all know and love. Stay tuned!

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:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: Haha did you really think that you can buy Chicken Invaders franchise and make it better? No one i repeat NO ONE can make Chicken Invaders better than @InterAction_studios. Anyway, I dont believe that IA will sell Chicken Invaders franchise to you. This is their best work.


I DON’T want InterAction to forget the tank tips for the Academy Fighter.


Don’t insult EA, you see that they’re already mad, you’ll get banned. :smiley:

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Can I just ask what happened to you? You used to make some awesome games!

Banned? Where here? No way! I played FIFA 19’ only 1 time i dont care about their forums. They just want more money, because of that they are here. Also this acc is fake. Hmm if i insult Riot Games does it mean that they will apear here? See his biography: ‘‘The most loved company in the entire universe’’

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Lol it’s a joke obviously. Yeah i agree they ruined everything, they even closed every company they bought like Maxis, now they are tryin’ to buy iA, and assassinate their whole franchise of CI. :smiley:
I died laughing at “their” biography.

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