What spacecraft i should buy?

I’m starting to farm key but i don’t know what spacecraft is best one?

I would advise a Muller and some satellites for it.
And if you have time, you can check out my post: https://forum.chickeninvaders.com/t/what-should-i-buy/4798 ,maybe it’ll be useful to you.

What about BX spacecraft? They’re have some good stats

I think the best idea that you buy one spacecraft of each kinds (just one that you think is the best), or you are interesting in painting, buy them all (you can farm a lot of keys in SuperNova)

BX is for veterans. He have slow speed, bigger hitbox, but higher damage boost.

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The bigger hitbox and the awful speed make it pretty bad for a lot of stuff,even with the high power it has. It’s not of much use unless you intend to also invest some keys on jets.
The heavy bomber suffers a huge issue in that…when using it,you’re basically always going to either waste keys on lives or jets. You’re literally forced to do it. Look,the speed limit is an interesting mechanic,but when it takes your ship 4 seconds to get from one edge of the screen to another(which is the case for the most expensice heavy bomber),it’s just too much no matter how much the weapon power is bumped up. It really needs rework. The most expensive heavy bomber needs to be changed to have the speed of the current least expensive one,while the least expensive one could maybe be faster than it is now? Not sure. But it needs to be rebalanced. I like the general idea of it,but it’s just not quite there yet.


The Muller M-404 Deliverer. It’s more expensive cousin has a bigger hitbox and still has the same number of satellites.

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But actually,we keyboard players don’t sense any changes in speed.So I,the only keyboard player on the forum,am at an advantage.

Hello mate…
I’m new with this game. Could you tell me please where can i find SuperNova ?


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In addition to that, Suns can only be accessed after you buy both the Heat Shield and Gravity Nullifier (cost about 2000 keys total).

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