What is the point of the Alien Mothership dropping gift

What is the point of the Alien Mothership dropping gift? The derbris fall THE SAME SPEED. It make collecting that gift become impossible!
Ah, yes… My first topic complaining about a boss

Instead of me complaining about that boss, i pick it up quickly.

I use no superweapons, only 2 lives left… freaking 75-95% difficulty boss rush


(But seriously I was using this the other day and it was perfect for that.)

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They dropped that but the debris

nothing is wrong about the debris, why you complained in ciu and not ci4?

No, you use it.

To destroy the debris.

So bring it to your retro fights and Boss Rushes (since the mothership 'ain’t appearing anywhere else)

He means the absolver would remove the debris on full charge. Also Barbequer.

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It’s wave 10/10 and

I mean the boss dropped that gift but the debris don’t let me

Yes and I’ve literally said what you can do about it (or y’know, just not collect it at all?)

So that’s why I say what’s the point

You asked what the point of them falling was, NOT whether or not you could of gotten the gift in that specific instance.
I am not saying this would have solved your problem. But you can’t say the falling gift is pointless, because players with absolver will be able to get benefit from it. So that’s at least one point.

Carefully pick up the gift

Christ…you can clear the debris with the beam…
And with barbequers. And ICBMs. And missiles. And nearly every superweapon.
PS. Gifts fall at random speeds, while the debris always falls at the same speed. So no, gifts won’t always end up being covered by it.

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UwU I don’t have any of that

Buy them


Me when see a lot of FP but they’re inside the debris:
PC smasher mode on
But then me seeing Beam falls in a different speed in the top of the debris:

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Uhm, mothership only appears on retro and boss rush, and for both of them, running Barbequers is the most optimal choice (even one is enough, really!), so I think it’s your fault more

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anyone, and boggy, please tell pacman it’s not something that can be a big problem.
I pick them up immediately when the debris drops.