What is the point of the Alien Mothership dropping gift

Well that’s OK, but again, that wasn’t the question. That’s the point of the falling powerups. If it means you might need to spend keys to get them next time… well, that’s the point.

Not saying you have to like it or anything, but that is the cold, hard, answer to the question you asked.

(And, like Orandza said, the gifts fall at varying speeds as well. :wink: )


Yeah, you do. You have one thing, and that’s a chance of the debris not falling at the same speed as the gift. Also what BoggY said.

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I can pick up a gift that slightly outside of the debris

It doesn’t really matter though, just deal with it!


So it’s key for powerup

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You need to buy superweapons or Barbequers and ICBM or try to pick up a Beam

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You won’t need to if you either ignore it or pick it up very carefully. It’s not like you can’t win without firepower…

i understand.

But the question is what’s the point of them dropping

Ship pieces: Difficulty
Firepower: To be picked when you can

Actually, in the thirty or so times that I’ve replayed CI4,I’ve developed the skill of careful mobement(and with a keyboard),so…it doesnt really matter all that much.

You don’t have to pick them…

It’s not impossible, just use the Barbequers

And absolver beams

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Yeah, that works too

i’ve never had a problem picking them up
even if the debris and gift were to fall at literally the exact same speed the gift has a bigger hitbox so you can pick it up without dying anyway

The Mothership ain’t a problem but if you’re complaining about it, satellites, superweapons and Absolver Beam DOES work.
I used to die when finished a Retro mission due to the debris

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