What if? question v.2

I decided to create a new one because the old one got unlisted and it might become a bump topic if iA open it again. This time the topic is for asking questions that goes beyond CI limits or what will happen if…? Anything related to other games or social media(ex:YouTube, Instagram, Facebook,…) will be counted as off-topic. Feel free to post your questions!
Let me start:
Q: What if we can mount more than 3 Mass Condensers?


A: We can do more damage to the enemies, and will Clean the henterprise (hend game) with one bump

Q: What we can mount unlimited stuff?

A:i guess you will be god of the game then.

Q: What would happen if I mounted 10 Bullet Spray Condensers?

hmm thats a good question :thinking: idk the answer to that.
A: sorry but max is 5 but this will give you idea what would happen CONDER

Q: What if you mount 3 Eggular in a Legendary H&C?

A: Hitbox size would be “yes”


Q: What would happen if I mounted 5 Eggular Repulsors?

A: You win the weekly challenge with 1 live

Q: What if Egg Cannon was playable

A: You’ll have the chance to destroy a planet with one hit.

Q: What if everyone can extract CIU sprites

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A: Then there will be mods, everywhere.

Q: What if there are Atomic Bombs in CIU?

A: CI6 Victory Music will be in too

Q: What if CIU wasn’t be made but CI6 was?

A: Then there’s no CIU, and the Early Access category doesn’t even exist.

CI6 Early Access would like to know your location

Q: What if I can buy unlimited extra slots?