What if? question v.2

A: your keys aren’t unlimited sorry (at least your effort isn’t)


(welcome to objects spammer v.2.0, things we have done in v.1.0 is Utensil Beam)

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Q: What if the galaxy was unlimited in distance and had unlimited amount of star systems?

A: Your computer clucking dies

Q: What if the weapons don’t overheat at all?

A: Then you can unequip your heat sink

Q: What if we had unlimited fuel?

A: Your ship goes in insanity and explode because too much fuel

Q: What if everything is priceless?

A: Then your ship is priceless and once again, explodes

A: Meaning that every key you worked for is now useless

Q: What if the game released now?

Q: What if the items that are perishable aren’t perishable at all?

A: Then it’s done :man_shrugging:

A: Then you can use 3 Eggulars for every single mission

A: Then they’ll be in your inventory, forever.

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Q: What if some items that are always-on aren’t always-on?

Q: What if CIU actually have a whole Universe?

A: Then you can turn them OFF

A: Then buying extra slots aren’t giving you more slots and shields won’t work anyway.