[Weapons] Solar Blast & Egg Launcher


Yeah, I know that, but why


Wouldn’t it be better if those two weapons were satelites? We already got bunch of weapons and only few satelites.


iA is interested in adding more weapons as well as more satellites, so that’s not a problem. Even then, I don’t know how my weapon ideas could be converted into satellites.


In my opinion there can be a lot of weapons and satellites.


Well they can be weapons but i think your ideas could also work great as satelites. Just imagine the solar blast satelite or egg launcher with small ammo pack behind just like machine gun satelite. It could also be cool.


excellent choice would be some beautiful weapons


What do you mean whith charged and uncharged?


Charged means that you held the button to charge the weapon and make it more powerful that way. Uncharged should be obvious now.


I like the idea of an egg launcher, but I think it ſhould be a ſatellite (Slingſhot? Trampoline?) that eggs would bounce off of, returning to go towards the chickens, then falling back down. The eggs in this caſe would have to be pretty lethal to make the ſatellite worth having. Also, the ſatellite ſhould wear out after a certain number of bounces.

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Dunno,I think that the idea was just fine the way it was


I feel like, if poſſible, they ſhould juſt break with a ſplat upon hitting a metal object, doing minimal/light damage, but by more effective againſt chickens.


Can I add a new weapon for CIU??


Go suggest one in your own thread.


Ok umm


Shoots glowing purple berries that roasts chickens… upgrade 2 shoots 2 berries
Upgrade 3 increase fire rate
Upgrade 4 shoots 4 berries
Upgrade 5 inceases the damage of the berries


Hey how do you make those gifs??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I have already mentioned it in the description of the Egg Launcher, but basically what I did was make something that looks similar to Chicken Invaders and testing that weapon there.


By “in your own thread”, I believe EmeraldPlay meant for you to ſtart your own topic. You can do this by clicking the Chicken Invaders Univerſe logo in the top left corner to get you to the home page with all the topics liſted. Then, all you have to do is click the + New Topic button at the top right, underneath the ſearch and menu buttons.


You will be confused with the egg launcher because you don’t know which egg is yours and which is from the chickens :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:


Both can be deadly to you, so there probably doesn’t need to be any distinction between them.


He knows, he have 2 or 3 topics