[Weapons] Solar Blast & Egg Launcher


Sorry, I didn’t realiſe that. I figured he was a new uſer.


I love both the weapons ideas but I have the feeling that the Solar Canon could be overpowered/umplayable on mobile. Universe is planned to be released on mobile (or I am missing something?) and we know that on mobile the weapons (In the standard controls) autoshoot while moving. So… In most of the situations that weapon will recharge while moving, alwais been charged but will never fire! (if a “full charge=soot” sistem couldn’t be added)
I hope that my doubt has been understood. (sorry for my probable bad quality of my English but I’m not a native speaker)


You could simply stop moving to fire it.


Um,you know that you can change the controls,right?


I haven’t played on mobile but autoshoot seems pretty rubbish, I don’t really see why anyone would use it. Just like satellite auto-fire (which I turned off the moment I realized that it’s a thing lol).


Yeah,your ship shoots whenever you tap the screen,but that can be changed in the options. You can set it to fire when a specific button is pressed or whenever you tap the screen with a second finger


I was knowing that ls possibile to change the controls on mobile.
I use the autofire when I want an extra Challenge (is hard to master the weapons overheating with that controls)
And with that post I only wanted to make a note about that you should also think about the mobile version when you suggest certain weapons (with this statement I do not want to attack anyone) but Anyway, as I wrote previously, IA could solve the problem simply by setting for that weapon a release of the sun when you’ve completely loaded it. I hope I was clear this time (however, believe it or not, while I was writing the post I thought about the fact that still stopping you could shoot the shot, but it is still very inconvenient and dangerous)


I felt in love with the solar blast but I won’t put my life in danger with the egg launcher


it is because if u spam just like i do the screen will be covered in your eggs and they will kill you


Well, at leaſt we got you to admit to ſpamming.

As a ſide note, I wonder why your B-in-a-circle thingamajig (ſorry, I’m not ſure of the correct name for it- logo? ſeal? icon? picture?) ſhowed up in the ſecond quote but not the firſt.

As another ſide note, does the ſecond quote actually mean anything? I feel like it almoſt does, but not quite.


That’s the point of it.


Intereſting! Although in draft mode the B-in-a-circle was miſſing for one of the quotes, it ſhowed up when I poſted the reply.


You could call that B-in-a-circle his profile picture


Ah. Right. Thank you. I really wiſh we could ſtick to the ſame names for computer-related things for more than five years in a row, but it ſeems we can’t, and ſome things we can’t even name. What a ridiculous ſpecies we are: we can come up with all ſorts of cool things, but not good names for them all.


I’M WITH YOU!!!, In the solar blaster part😉, but not the Egg Launcher😔


What engine do you use to create those CI-Like games? Everything I can think about Clickteam Fusion or Game maker studio


For both my Chicken Invaders DOS recreation and the game in the gifs, I used Clickteam Fusion 2.5.


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I love how the Egg Launcher is very risky and powerful, despite me hating eggs.