Weapons from level 1 to level max have the same temperature

@InterAction_studios If you see my topic I have a question.
When weapons shoot for too long, it will overheat, especially weapons with higher temperatures. Weapons usually at level max have higher damage, hot temperatures than level min weapons but I realized that weapons from level 1 to level max have the same temperature. I tried using a few weapons that easily overheat and then tested each level and continuous shooting time of each level is no different, like the temperature from level 1 to level max is the same but the damage is different. I thought that if the hot weapon temperature was higher then the weapon damage would be stronger if that was correct. This will take away the physics and logic, especially it will be more difficult.

I might be wrong about this, but I desire @InterAction_studios to fix the whole weapon to make it more logical.

Check Weapon Balancing Program posts by Galbatorix.

Here is one of them:

Also, physics has nothing to do with how these weapons work. Physics is based on movement and gravity and all that, not weapon logic.

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This is the case on most weapons.

Boron Railgun does the job.

Always have been.


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