Weapon skin

Ok so this is my first post in here so pls don’t raid me
Anyway i’m thinking about weapon skin for all the weapon in ciu, they ofc will be available in galactic store, shady trader and warehouse with the price of like 200 - 300 keys. The in-game will say the skin’s name instead of the actual name (not the weapon box tho). Also no stat change because this is not Free Fire
Here’s some of my ideas:
Corn Shotgun, skin: Snow Shotgun. It will shoot out snow instead of corn, and blast off when contact, create a snow rain instead of corn
Absolver Beam, skin: Sun Strike. It will slowly charge up the laser by getting heat around it (have red color instead of yellow) and fire with some fire attach to the laser. The chicken that get shot will have burned effect (visual only ofc)
Photon Swarm, skin: Supernova Storm, It will shoot out the supernova-like projectiles that have 2 color (blue and red)
Can you give more ideas so i can get my idea medal ?

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There’s a topic for this:

You can add your suggestion there.

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The weapon Reskin Library exit

Well i want this to be a feature in the game so some people that are lazy to search for it (and people can’t somehow put the mod in like me) can still have access to skins

Weapon skins have already been suggested.

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