WEapon:Ion Blaster Mk II

i had an idea about a weapon which could be a big help. i call it: Ion Blaster Mk II. allow me to explain: it will be like the original but upgraded. the color will be the same but the size and the look is different. unfortunately i cant draw this because i am a bit bad at drawing so i thought you think what it would be like. anyway, the blaster look will look like a red (kind-of-like-a-rocket-kind-of-like) bullet but as you use firepower, the number of bullets will multiply in 2. (just like the original, or something like that). at Max Power (say at 20) the color changes to orange and the bullets will be stronger at each fire power. it will fire automatic, or burst fire, however is better. also after a shot is fired like the Mk I will do the same but it can target up to 7 or 10 chickens at once (depends of the power you have.)

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I have a queſtion: why?

Then we would have no point of getting the normal ion blaster anymore.

I think this is a rework idea for the ion blaster isnt?

Yes, we totally need an upgraded version of an existing weapon (to be fair though, the Boron Railgun is essentially that).

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okay first of this is the upgraded version of the Ion Blaster but i made a few tweaks to it besides the Boron Railgun is NOT original, it is only an existing weapon. the Ion Blaster is the original weapon, from the first to the fifth episode it has appeared and Nikkito yes this is a rework for the Ion Blaster and cook1ee, we will have the ion blaster, trust the Forks (a play on words the Force). any more questions? :wink:

wait…remember if the boron was at max power it would turn orange right? so why an upgrade from and existing weapon?

I think that at this point the Ion Blaſter is ſuch a claſſic that it would be a crime to change it, kind of like making a hard rock verſion of the 1812 overture.

I would ſuggeſt adding a weapon inſtead.

to be honest it is a classic but it has appeared since the first episode, in ROTY they changed it to make it look futuristic so why make it more intresting and MORE futuristic?

It’s mostly identical in behavior to the Vulcan Chaingun, except for the bullets dealing more damage, the firerate varying and an extra power level.

but at max power things change for example: Photon swarm, it is blue but at 20 its orange its the same way for the Boron but i DEFINITELY agree with you.

Um,no? Boron doesn’t change its colour at 20 firepower,it changes its colour if you’re playing as hen solo.

Oh… youre right ive forgotten

anyway what im actually trying to say is that the ion blaster hasnt made achange when it becomes max power so thats why i made the Mk II

besides the ONLY thing is Vulcan Chaingun and Plasma Rifle ALSO first appeared in ROTY as well as i like to call “legendary”: the Utensil Poker, one of the greats in Chicken Invaders history. instead of Ion Blaster Mark II how about Utensil Poker Mark II? the utensils color could change gold instead of silver?

I think that there are far too many rapid-fire weapons; it’s gotten to the point where it’s hard to find a weapon that doeſn’t overheat right away.

it wont overheat unless its burst-fire that way it overheats slowly

So what are the diſadvantages?

good question: burst fire means three shots, if it was single fire it would overheat MORE slowly, if it was automatic it would overheat quickly, however maybe if they had a reloading system to Hero, automatic could be an advantage to this, however burst fire also can be interrupted by clicking twice, making this dual fire instead. single fire would be a complete waste of time because so maybe the Mk II could have fire options so you can pick the fire that suits you, the only disadvantage is that with dual fire or burst fire, it wont target many chickens at once so for me I would pick the auto fire.

May The Forks Be With You.

Becauſe what? And there’s a way to fire burſts in CI?
And was that reply actuälly aimed towards me? It didn’t anſwer my queſtion of the weapon’s diſadvantages fully.

Alſo, could you pleaſe read your poſts before ſending them?