Weapon Ideas

-Make the ion blaster stronger and look like in CI2
-Make the positron stream shoot 2 beams at level 10 and 3 beams at max level
-Make the corn shotgun firing rate faster( also reduce the damage if it’s too OP)
-Make the lightning fryer shoot 5 lightnings at max level(or 4 lightnings)

Corn’s firing rate depends on level, at 20 it is OP

I like the current look, but you have my full support for strength boost.
I feel like it should sit at the lower end of the DPS curve, but nothing as low as it is now.

Maybe? It needs some sort of buff, but we don’t want the “weak plasma rifle” to become the “weak lightning fryer” (although I see you’ve addressed that as well).

I’d actually prefer the opposite, in all honesty. I like my weapons to feel unique.
A simple 25%(ish?) damage boost would be fine for it in all honesty, although I liked Galbatorix’s popcorn suggestion, too. It definitely only needs a small tweak compared to the others.

I think it would actually be cool to have one lightning that chains between multiple chickens!

Then maybe positron stream could get the change you suggested above (although it wouldn’t really be a single stream then, would it? aha)

It is usable, but not op. Unless you included these buffs.

I know

You just said it’s op, but okay

Corn is so OP that no one wants to play it.


Yeah :sweat_smile:

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