Weapon idea for universe or chicken invaders 6


Oh god, you know IA can accept his idea and remove somethings and make good damage and others. That’s not the point.


Saying that it would be similar to the flame thrower satelite implied that it would be able to do that (since that’s the Barbequer’s major feature). I understand now.


obviosly it would be removed instantly if it could make some food for an extra rocket


Yes,but they still need our feedback to know how exactly they should balance something.


the flame thrower satelite is has limited ammo this does not and it would make the satelite useless because it would have a weapon that does that plus infinite ammo so it should not have the egg destoying and othr abilities


): i just wanted a badge


Feed back by under 10 people is nothing for the CI community.


wait that didnt work


but theere are very few people in the forums so ia could read it


Oh,so you’d prefer no feedback,at all?


Ok,I suppose that makes sense


Yes, sometimes. They have added other guns without asking us so if they like it and find it useful they will add it.


Even if they add it without asking us,CIU will get constantly updated,so they could change the weapon later on based on our feedback.


i agree to yall and i have my cat in front of the monitor


Considering how dead the community seems to be (just look on the Steam forum of any of the games), feedback by under 10 people could be of at least some use.


they have made a forum of their own and they abandoned or close to that to their steam forum they prefer to use the forum website they just made and they are more active on this forum


Queſtion: Why did you then proceed to reply no fewer than twenty-two more times (many of which are borderline ſpam and at the very leaſt a waſte of ſpace)?


I hope ſo, given the feedback for my ideas! :grinning:


I don’t think stuns will work well, specially on fast-paced waves or against large chickens.


Well… At least :grinning: