Weapon idea for universe or chicken invaders 6


yes it wont work fractorial


good question i was just telling about how tired i was.


this is my new homing weapon concept


Could you pleaſe augment the picture with a detailed deſcription of how it works? It’s quite hard for us to judge the concept having juſt the reſult of 5 minutes of fun with Microſoft Paint.


Is this a weapon? I can do the same even with my eyes closed


Jesus Christ what is that thing?


I think it’s ſuppoſed to repreſent ſome kind of weapon, although how he thinks that you can properly ſhow a concept image of a homing weapon without a target is beönd me.
To me it looks like he was bored one day and had nothing better to do than to play around with Paint.


Lol… :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::grinning::grinning:


its a lava homin missile duh


Yes,we know. But what about its stats?


Then where are the stats?


15k damage. overheat speed 2.98898 secs. its weak against metal objects. strong against ufos and gatling guns. reason: it is effective againt glass.


btw i haven’t been posting and being active for months.


Thanks, and welcome back!