Weapon gift box bug?


Sorry for not including a photo, it happened so sudden.
Playing v24.1, when I defeated a Super-Chick, its weapon gift box (which was a Hypergun) POPPED/VANISHED as the victory themed was heared.
The Weapon boxes/Firepowers used to float all across till off the screen, whether the mission is finished or not.

Not a bug,it was literally changed in this update.

Idk, cause that was a routine in all CI games so far. Maybe things have changed.

Please,read the changelogs before reporting “bugs”.


v.25 adds a visual vanishing effect to make it obvious that the disappearance is deliberate.


I’m sorry, I usually don’t read the technical tweaks of the new versions, I just read about new content.
BTW thx a lot for informing

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