We totally NEED more sith lords from the Star Wars franchise in the Chicken Invaders franchise

This isn’t really that much of a serious post but when I tried to sleep tonight, and since I overthink a lot, I just came up with this random idea that (maybe) could happen somewhere in the future (not for CIU of course because you know), so in Chicken Invaders 5: Cluck of The Dark Side, there is a boss that is basically just Darth Vader but chicken-fied.

While the fight is like way too easy, the Idea still opens up a lot of pathways for even more Sith lords to be introduced, like for example: Darth Maul, Palpatine/Lord Sidious, Count Dooku, Kylo Ren, Darth Plagueis etc.
The point is, there are a lot of possibilities that can be done if this really becomes a reality, the franchise is definitely more then inspired by the star wars franchise (The Yolk Star being a reference to the Death Star, Hen Solo being a reference to the Millennium Falcon) so I don’t know, going all out is all that’s left, again if that becomes a reality.


check this idea out

Dang, well at least palpatine has his own concept art, that is indeed very cool, now gonna wait for maul.

i can’t wait to hear about the tragedy of darth cluckueis the wise


Darth cluckueis is a dark lord of the sith so powerful and so wise
He could use the midichlorians to craete life

You know I like it but i don’t
If we start to keep copying contents from star wars, two things will happen:

  1. Game won’t be cool anymore
  2. Copyright from Disney
    Then boom end of topic
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or game over for everyone, rather

  1. Why? Sith lords are cool i think.
  2. True.

A few more sith lords would be great, but should we at least wait of the chicken darth maul for now

They are, no one denies, but is it chicken invaders universe or star wars invaders?
We have to look for specific and single things, not copying things that already existed (it is good to have 1 or 2 but not everything)


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