We need lore


There should be a hidden backstory for ci Or deep secrets

If there is not ADD IT

WE want matpat to talk about the game

Maybe there was a creepy old man who is tried to be young all his life so he tested on humans but they didnt work for him

So he tried it on chickens and it worked but
The chickens disobeyed him and now the chickens are against him

And they don’t need oxygen or food
And they have there own physicals in space
So they traveled to a plant and then they started breeding so fast that tons of them are coming

And then they developed ai
And then they got smarter and build machines and things

And then they came back to get there revenge from earth for eating them

And which leads to all chicken invaders game

Or something like that

maybe it will help game reputation

(Don’t take the last part seriously)
What do you think

What do you think ?
  • Cool
  • Maybe
  • Bad
  • yes

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why the hell would you want matpat to talk about CI


For fun
Plus free advertising

matthew patthew from gaming theorism with the latest theoretic: DON’T trust the authentic hero (he is father) or some shit like that idfk

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Game Theory: CHICKEN INVADERS - The Yolk’s SECRET Identity!

The only way to know is by watching a video titled “Yolk Star Fight”


the entire ci games take place inside a kfc worker’s head

do you have dissociative identity disorder

sir this isn’t fnaf

not even gonna try anymore, what shit are you on i need it

then why would you make the topic???

Yeah, no thanks. I think the game already has enough attention from its own community. Best case scenario, I’d offer myself to write a book based on the games (which, in fairness, isn’t difficult, since lore and story already exist). Even then…

You guys don’t understand the joke at all

I really don’t care if it have story or not

I know
It is a silly joke that matpat would talk about that
Just keep up with the joke you are way too serious

Maybe you are right ci doesn’t need a lore
But it would be nice if there is like even a small back story why we are just fighting chicken in space

Have a nice day sir

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normally you don’t shitpost in the category reserved for suggesting content but mkay

By fnaf you mean five night that blow up and then people started giving it bad reviews for the quality of gameplay

Well i played it but i never really cared about anything
I mean i know some back story but still
I bought it and played it i admit but didn’t actually completed it for lack of time i had back then when it first came out

Well i will stop here with fnaf thing

About the kfc you are right about that no doubt XD

And the second question
I dont really understand are you just insulting me or what

Fnaf part
no where is fnaf in the funny example i gave

I think that it would be nice if there is some small story about why we just left space burger
To fight some bad chickens in space

But yeah i know it is silly but don’t be that serious
We all saw stupid ideas even more stupid than this idea

So chill a bit

About the last part i talked about the books stuff

Well sorry if i wasted your time
Have nice day
And keep things family friendly here there are kids less than 13 years old

there should not be kids under 13, since yknow kinda against forum rules

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I like how you just straight up ignore yes and choose bad

I know that’s a silly idea

I know ci doesn’t need any story

But wouldn’t it be nice if we have like small back story why we left space burger and went to fight chickens in space

It would be funny little detail you

Well thanks that you gave me your thoughts sir
And have a nice day

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I know but you know the curiosity of the kids wanne to grow up so early

You should know that every website should have a kid under 13

Finally i found someone to extend the joke
I greet you

Btw see my replies i don’t feel explaing things to you my hand hurts from typing

(I have been programming all day btw)

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Just imagine i greet you
You kept up with the joke of matpat

You are lvl 100 troller

Well if you want explanations to this well read my other replies
I am actually tired from typing

And keep things family friendly
And have nice day

Hey are you still there ?

the real cause of why the hero hates chickens

he couldn’t make up his damn mind on whether he wanted fries with his friggin’ chicken burger or not

dude, just play the episodes and boom, there is lore.

who piloted the spaceship?

ciu have somewhat lore already