We need lore

because planet in danger
he also love chicken (meat) so its a fun job to him

Five Nights At Muller’s


The backstory is quite simple…
On the fateful day of September 11th… WItnesses saw two giant chickens approach the world trade center. What happened next is history.
The US Goverment found out that the perpetrators were chickens, and the only way to destroy them was to send a hero back in time, to 1999.


The year 1999 has arrived. A herd of freakin’ ugly chickens. are rushing from the space. Crime rate skyrockeded! Earth is ruined! Therefore, The Earth government called Bruce Lee’s relative “Hero” for the massacre of the chickens. Hero is a killer machine. Wipe out all 2.147 billion of the chickens! However, in the planetary egg city there was a project in progress! A project to transform the deceased Dick Clark into an ultimate weapon!


I have another one… the Large Hardon Collider (LHC) will be activated this year in march after long maintenance. Little do they know, LHC stands for Lunar Hen Creator, and the maintenance was a big trick… It’s going to open a massive portal.
The chickens will come out straight out of it. That’s my conspiracy for today… The game is only an illusion. Those with the highest scores will be quickly drafted into the real UHC. That’s the conspiracy of Chicken Invaders…


Oh yeah Xd

A real og is here XD

LMFAOOO This man

the whole world was eating chickens as a food and hero is trying to get his “world-saviour meal” or “superstar meal” at space burger
meanwhile chickens…
they are just being destroyed by 1 spaceship
making 3 of bosses just to be destroyed

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Our hero has solved world hunger with those chickens

No, he ate too much and was hospitalized with a heart attack.


Space Burger’s workers:


slightly evil face


spac brger what happened
:exclamation::exclamation: SQUID GAMES :exclamation: :exclamation:


Space Burger workers when some jackass drops off 20,000 moldy chickens burgers and demands you to pay for all of it


Imagine selling 100k chicken to space burger and they have to pay you

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Hey i have checked the lore

I don’t understand

its an ironic meme

It comes from a meme i saw that says “Freddy what happend???” And it shows Glamrock Freddy fully destroyed saying “SQUID GAMES :exclamation::exclamation:” Because in quid games uhh i’ve never seen that stuff lol

the actual origin is from a like news image but it says “SQUID GAMES :exclamation::exclamation:” instead of Squid Game so it turned into a meme like you mentioned

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