Wave Idea- Goal!

Hey there people! I had a ton of fun making the last wave idea ( Wave Idea- Going Down The Rabbit Hole )
So I decided to try and make another one! This one is based around table football and it’s pretty much the layout of such a table, even hahing 2 different teams. The chickens will slowly go up and down., and there is also a ball that they will pass to each other. Since my last wave idea, I’ve learned a bit about using photoshop so I was able to recreate the level there instead of in sketch. In the picture, you can see a low difficulty level example of that the wave will look like,at higher levels there will be stronger enemies such as metal suit chickens,coward chickens, balloon chickens and even slots and chickenauts at the highest levels. Also, while in the picture, the barriers are of the destroyable kind, that’s just because I couldn’t find the undestroyable kind, but I intended for them to be undestroyable.
Let me know what you think!
I have another wave idea I’m working on (making waves is super fun, even though I know most if not all of these ideas will never make it into the game), though it is still difficult for me to work with photoshop, hopefully I’ll finish it soon.
Edit : this chad added a bunch of stuff to my original creation, making it look a lot more interesting, and making it look more like a football field as well as adding the anomaly zones to make it more comfortanle to deal with the wave.Thanks again @anon51565962 :heart:


I admit it’s a nice idea, but anomalies would be useful.


Hmmm… Where do you think they should be?

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Maybe at the gates?


I can see how they would be useful… Is it okay if I edit the picture to add these zones and update my post? I’ll credit you for the idea (Don’t wanna just steal the idea, that’s why I’m asking you)

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Sure if you want, why not?


Awesome :grin: Imma get to work

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I developed another variant, it’s yours.


Oh my… That looks really well done! Very creative too, using barriers to mimic the layout of a football field. Thank you so much for letting me use it! :grin: :heart: Of course I will still credit you for everything you’ve done :slight_smile:


Here’s an another 50% difficulty variant I made:

RIP Anomalies.


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