Wave Idea- Going Down The Rabbit Hole

So in this wave, you are gonna go downwards (the screen will scroll) in between unbreakable barriers that form a tunnel, the rabbit hole. This tunnel won’t be just a straight line though, there will be some turns and an anomaly zone will be put before each one. In your way there will be enemies in each side of the tunnel with a laser attached to them, so you are not forced to kill them, which can be really helpful if your weapon is too weak. As the difficulty increases, stronger enemies will appear such as chicks and regular chickens in the lower difficulty levels and UFO chicks and chickens at the higher difficulty levels. Some enemies shouldn’t be able to appear in wave such as chickenauts or armoured chickens since you don’t have much space to move in and it will be harder to dodge their random projectiles. I’ve made a (very bad looking) sketch of what it will be like (Please don’t judge my bad drawing skills) The black represents the unbreakable barriers, the red dots represent the enemies, the green lines represent the laser between each enemy and the blue lines represent the anomaly zones. The layout of the tunnel in this sketch is very basic, but obviously IA can change it however they see fit, this is just to show the concept of this wave. Please let me know what you all think of this wave concept (:


Your skill like me :')

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Reminds me of the good old days on Gamma Chthon.


The stage where I had the most amount of trouble in my first ever playthrough… And now that I look at it… My idea is pretty similar to a section in that stage…

remind me from the weakest/strongest link wave besides from mirrored or flipped

Yes, I also thought it was kinda similar to that wave, though I think my idea is different enough from it to be included in the game

Sounds like a quite a quest. What do you think the difficulty level should be? Nice idea.


That’s kind of what I was going for, some sort of quest :slight_smile: I think it should appear is every difficulty level, with each difficulty, the enemies become more challenging, the earlier difficilty levels will have regular chickens for example, the the later ones will have metal suit chickens, I’m not an expert when it comes to balancing though… Thank you <3

This could find use in planetary missions. Having it as a space level would be a bit drawn out imo.

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Planetary missions…? What’s that?

They’re mission where you have to enter planets to do them. They are at Chapter 4, 6, 8 and 11 of CI5.

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I see… Thanks, and I guess I can see that being the case, as I said before in this post, my idea is similar to a certain stage in CI5

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