Wave Honing Operation. (WHO)

Hello, everyone. Today I would like to talk about waves in CIU; most waves are good, but of course there are always a few stragglers (mostly too boring or annoying to clear); during the next weeks, I would like to start rectifying their issues, I’ll start with the ones that @Recruit_75 pointed out (Original post here My opinion on some waves Continued) and 2 others. I’ll only think about those that have 5 or more votes in the upcoming pool (Multiple choice pool).
Of course, I would like you to submit your waves, with reasons why they should be changed, other resons why the listed waves need to be changed, or your arguments about an existing reason.
A few headlines:

  • I will ignore the proposition without reasons;
  • I will only tweak waves that have 5 or more likes;
  • Do not suggest waves that are too difficult in terms of chicken types, I cannot do anything about them, only if their difficulty issue is more technical.
  • Four Lane Merge (Too boring)
  • Nasty Surprise (Too difficult with spread weapons)
  • Pulsating grid (Safe zone too small on high difficulty)
  • The Magic Flute (Takes too long)
  • Energy Fences (Boring, takes too long)
  • Rolling bag of chickens (Unsatisfying at low difficulty)
  • The Weakest Link (Mundane and tedious)

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Thanks for contribuing.


So why You do it?

So we have to do your job?

Why not. Difficulty is an important part of the wave which means that waves can also be “honed”.

I had the idea, he gave the starting point.

See, I have this thing where I’m basically unable to see flaws in something (It’s not as extreme as it sound but I can’t describe it)

Because I can’t change difficulty without touching all the other waves, in terms of chicken types.

The problem you mentioned for pulsating gird isn’t the reason why the wave is annoying,at all. Rather the fact that all the individual chickens spawn 3 times when you kill them. So even if you destroy a dangerous chicken the first time it spawns,your spaceship will turn away when the same enemy spawns the second time(sometimes third),which essentially means the safe zone isn’t even that safe at all.
Another thing,
Weakest link is,imo,annoying because in daily challenges it forces you to waste all of your satellites in order to get as many points as possible. If you don’t do this,then say good-bye to 1st place,unless other people don’t decide to do it as well.


It’s difficult, not annoyïng. There’s a difference.

No,it is annoying especially when you have a chickenaut or few right behind your back that can shoot whenever they want,wherever they want. That is my opinion,anyways. Whether or not you consider this difficult and/or annoying is totally your thing.
Note that I’m not saying it should be changed or anything. It can be fun at times. Sometimes. I don’t really care if and how you’re going to change this because I really don’t care that much.

I still think that the large Pulsating Grid would be less unfair by removing the inner circle of chickens. Having more space to move is a big deal to avoid chickenauts or armored ships laser, especially when you will have also some of that space filled with detonated egg mines.

Edit: and no, it’s not annoying, it’s just unfair. I’m perfetly fine with difficulty, otherwise I would just step down a skill level, but this one is too much; the only way to get out from there alive is basically skipping it with missiles, and we can all agree on why this isn’t a good sign.

Removing the inner circle would make it still a very hard wave with these enemies, but at least you have a chance to avoid projectiles.


Is this the difficulty we’re talking about?

Actually,the blindfold chicks should be disabled from spawning in the inner ring.

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From Cover to Cover: Not that it’s bad but you can lose keys due to bad RNG.

How so?

Shining barriers that are too low or in the inner ring end up unobtainable without crashing.

Same with every wave that you’re surrounded, like hatchery, let the games begin, roulette, caught by surprise… etc etc etc

Nothing to be mentioned, really. Just accept the fact that you can’t get 100% of keys in the game.


No, the margin of error with this waves is far less.

All barriers in that wave can be destroyed if you have the right weapon(sadly,it was made impossible with the heavy bomber). Also,if all barriers get replaced with egg barriers,none of them will have keys at all.

Oh, I missunderstood the problem, it’s like when you get the keyholder on the last chicken of Chink in the Armor. Still, no big deal at all.
About fCtC, you can still destroy all the barriers with the bomber with a highly overheated vulcan chaingun, chances are that you will kill all the chickens before though.


It may be a bit controversial, but I am still going to suggest it: What if barriers didn’t give points and clean sweep bonus when destroyed? This is mainly an idea to improve certain waves for daily and weekly challenges. As Orandza said, waves like Weakest Link are annoying, because to be able to compete in the challenges you have to waste huge amount of resources on destroying those damn barriers only to get points. I don’t think that’s quality gameplay.

IMO removing point rewards for barriers would just make challenges more fun to play. And would make waves like the Weakest Link, From Cover to Cover or Chicken Vending Machine much, much more enjoyable during the challenges. What’s better, with that solution we wouldn’t need to change those waves whatsoever. We are fighting chickens, not barriers after all…


Also I would add no keys from destroying barriers.


Yea, good point.

Chicken Invaders is practically Seriko now.

Would like to adjust “Caged In” wave. Barriers/Egg Barriers disappear immediately after killing all chickens inside.

Intercepting Deliveries as well — on the pattern they move. The droids move too fast and the bubbles block them most of the time.

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