Wave: Chicken Breakout/Cluckanoid

Chicken Breakout is a wave that’s somewhat based on Breakout, a ricochet game.

Wave formation: the chicken will form in a random formation/shape. Then indestructible footballs coming from the bottom will ricochet around until the you clear out the wave. The balls will depend on difficulty. Could appear from 1 to 3 balls.

Appears when: >=40% difficulty

Harder Variant (Cluckanoid): Here, the balls will move faster and even more balls. Can up to from 2 to 7 balls.

Appears when: >=70% difficulty

BONUS WAVE: The Third Generation: an elite variant. 4 lines of chickens instead of 3.

tl;dr it’s classic invasion with balls bouncing around


Btw. Too lazy but there will be an indestructible barrier act as a platform at the bottom moving around so you also have to dodge it too


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Added to v.110 :medal_sports: Idea