Watermelon Launcher

Hi, Akemisora here.
I want to present my weapon concept. Yes, Watermelon Launcher.

It’s supposed to be in bio group like Corn Shotgun,but if it’s moved to so called “kinetic” group, then it should be follow it as well. The gift color use the Ion Blaster’s in DX version.GIFIonBlasterCI1

So how does it work?

It launches watermelon at high speed (as fast as Corn Shotgun’s projectile) and it will break upon impact. Not only that, it unleash several melon seeds spreading evenly that will travel further and damage more targets.

Here’s my silly demonstartion
melon demo

What’s special with the watermelon is that it has big hitbox (80px), so you might have better chance to hit any target.

For the full stats, here’s the chart

As you can see, it has very very weird way to maintain damage progression “somewhat” close to other weapons.

Some other facts:

  • It has high damage per volley, but relatively slow firing rate to counter balance it.
  • It has the most number of projectile per volley at max power which is 21. (3 Melons, 6 seeds each)

Hm, it bears a slight resemblance to this idea: Burst Bubble


Would be good if both of these 2 could be added to the game

You’re right. But I think bubble will be less damage focused than watermelon thrown to your head :sweat_smile:


Honestly, I just didn’t want to make the Bubble a weapon you can easily spam to kill enemies. Basically I want it to be a balanced weapon, but with its splitting mechanic, I thought it might become troubling to find a good compromise to it, since I don’t want it to be the next “Old Utensil Poker” (I’m very happy that Overdrive is a thing now), but neither do I want it to be something that would go extremely underused. As for the watermelon weapon idea, it’s a great idea and I’d love to see it in the game at a later point in time.


do you mean this:

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maybe the watermelon should also explode when hit the chicken and damage the chickens that are near them

but maybe that will be OP

It should not. For example, Plasma rifle can be OP against groups.

i know, so that’s why i said “it might be OP”

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