Visuals of projectiles should be in front of weapon

As the title stated. In visual terms think of layers, the game has as first priority the player’s weapon then the projectiles of the enemies. I’ve often heard some of my friends that they die by nothing, that the game is bugged when in reality they just can’t see the projectiles because many chickens shoot particles that are white, and the most weapon used, the Utensil Poker is also white.

A really clarity quality of life would be for the weapon layer to come in second to the projectiles since it is more important to be able to see the projectiles and dodge them rather than to just be distracted by your weapon and die.

Being able to recolour your weapon the same you can change your HUD and ship would also be nice but IMO the priority of projectiles would be much more useful.

Edit: One easy way to evidentiate the projectiles would be to add something like a black countour to them.


I’d also like to point out the fact that the destruction meter needs to be made slightly transparent.
In ci5, I died once to stupid chick waste just because I didn’t see it thanks to the meter covering it. I simply don’t like the fact that the meter obstructs some of your view. Perhaps making it somewhat transparent will help here.


Indeed, we have the HSB values for our ship, it would be nice to have a transparency option for our HUD too.


Utensil Poker color change was already proposed, but it wasn’t a big hit.
Problem with Utensil Poker

Speaking of layers, the way you described it is how it should be always. But I’m not sure if now it isn’t this way.

Recoloring weapons yourself is a no from me. It’s kind of ruining them. I mean… imagine the green neutron gun being red. Also what about weapon gifts?

As of outline. Right now I’m against because contours aren’t exactly nice to look at. They make things more like drawings. Or dare I say, doodles.
I spent 1 minute in paint and made this visualization which proves my point and I don’t exactly see how it could be improved. Negative outline would be even worse and dynamically changed outline could make the game laggy (that’s speculation, but we know that engine is limited):

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Regarding the contour, I meant only the projectiles shot by the chickens, such as eggs and chick waste since, like you said, it would make the game look much more different.

Yes, I know, but projectiles would still need to have the outline all the time which is still something that I need to see in action to decide if it looks good.

Or rather the HUD would be semi-transparent/transparent whenever the ship hoes through over it.

Making the projectiles customisable to the player is a great idea, whether it’s by changing the color to however they want or by adding it to a different layer
I feel like the projectiles could switch in between 2 colors, kind of like a pattern


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