Variety in Chicken Multiplicity

We have metal suited chicken, pilot chicken, toxic chicken, coward chicken, pirate chick, ninja chick, berserk chick. Why don’t they have a chance to appear in it? Sure it will add difficulty, and I think it’s good because Chicken Multiplicity feels underwhelming (at least for me).

And also give the Super Chicken all of its attacks like in original fight. The spinning omnidirectional laser is boring.

Slob chicken may appear too in place of chickenaut


The super-chick’s laser and its egg attack are kinda bad, though. What if the super-chick also used omnidirectional red ions during this fight every 1 second or so? And the instant laser attack would be left unchanged


More Hard?

Don’t Know

remove the zoom as well :>
oh wait, it’s already possible


Oh No.jpg

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