Vague Wormhole Hint Map

So I took the super-awesome unmarked Early Access galaxy map from BoggY’s post:

And, in a moment of artistic enlightenment, I’ve decided to splatter vague-ish white cloud-like blobs around the voids that contain all twenty of the known wormhole locations, like so:

Map! Here!

(Gold means the blob contains two wormholes! gasp )

But whyyyyyyyyy would you even…

Well, quite simply, I didn’t want to spend decades of my life searching for individual wormholes, but I also didn’t want to just look at a map and find them super easy.
So I made this as a sort of personal hint guide so that the search would be fun, rather than either being tedious about it or skipping the experience entirely.

I’m not really expecting anyone to use it or be interested, but I made it largely for myself and I figured there’s no point not sharing it, just in case anyone else finds it useful too.
So, feel free to, I guess. :wink: :heartpulse:


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