V130 Unoriginality Penalty

So i’ve seen a lot of people complain about this change… and i just wanted to make a quick poll and see what do you guys think and what do you have to say about this. Feel free to leave your vote below

  • Yes this update is amazing i love it
  • Its kinda bad

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It should be a ‘‘single choice’’ poll.

Here’s a redo of the poll if people want to

What do you think about the new unoriginality penalty rules?
  • Its good
  • Its way too overkill (bad)

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A bit stricter than necessary, but mission disqualification is a much bigger problem. I like this idea:

In addition to getting rid of score unoriginality penalty, I think -30% linear until zero is very harsh, I would suggest the penalty be 100% - 1/n, with n being the number of previous attempts in the last 12 hours, so it won’t fall completely to zero too fast.


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