Update 29 Breeds Prediction!

Apparently in update 29 we will get 3 new chicken breeds, so I thought if would be fun to share our prediction on what these could be.
NOTE: I put this in the ideas category because somebody could have an actual good idea not planned.
I’ll start.
I currently have just one though: some sort of homing chicken, it’s eggs would chase you, instead of just going your direction like UFOs.


Oh god, I just thought of something even worse.




On one hand this looks awesome, you really put in the effort into this. On the other hand, armored eggship with TRIPLE MACHINE GUNS?!. That’s sans level of ‘you’re gonna have a bad time’.


It says breeds, so I will list my suggestion some days earlier : Cemani (black chickens), Turkey, and maybe Silkie


Yeah, chicken breed is not the same than ‘enemy’ here. Different enemies can come from multiple breeds, like metal jacket being from both, for example.

Russian Petuh (chicken)

No,that’s armored chickenaut with triple machine guns


John Yolk


Lumberjack chicken. When it it drops its axe


I love how I wanted a serious conversation but this turned into memes.

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…about predictions of new chicken breeds we know nothing about.

How was it ever goïng to be a ſeriöus converſation?!


Sincerally mine was a serious suggestion…

hmm 3 new chicken breeds idk how will they look like but i have a couple ideas on my mind.

Correction: It’s an armored ship. We don’t have a Canon name for it but chickenaut wouldn’t be it. If it was an armored chickenaut, we would see it’s legs and wings. There’s a difference just like that between someone in a light tank and someone wearing power armor.

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What are you talking about? Why would we see both its legs and wings? We don’t see them for regular chickens that are in armored ships,either. Why would we see them for a chickenaut that’s in a ship?
I called it armored chickenaut because it’s a mix of the two,so I don’t know what you’re trying to say.

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Google translate can see your profile pic

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All of this could’ve been avoided by adding the word ship. Maybe we should call it a ‘Chicken Tank’ seeing how it is used in the wave Armored Division which is a millitary term for a bunch of tanks.

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