Unpopular Ideas for CIU(possibly)

Hello I want to suggest some things for this game.

A offline mode:I live remote and it will be nice when my internet starts acting like a bit**.Players will be replaced by bots and the daily and weekly will randomly chosen.Bots will have real players names and gear but will evolve and do mission on they’re own pace

2nd idea is to add the holiday themes in the shop(I know it was suggested already byt someone idk his name).

3rd idea will be some sort of challange where you can earn powerups(extra lives missles etc)
4th idea A new boss that is like the coop from CIU 5 but changed(can anyone suggest anything?)

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Well,Good Ideas buddy.

Already suggested:

It’s an online game. Maybe after early access, the game have offline mode too.

Please don’t re-suggest these ideas. The developer reads them and he decides about ideas. Sometimes he accepts, but adds them later, so be patient.

Purchasable items won’t be rewarded to anyone. You can get more keys by winning any challenges (even more) to buy instead.

Depends on ideas of people for new bosses.

Already suggested. All of them are.

Currently too busy to find links. You’ll have to look back at old topics yourself.


Suggested and rejected

Suggested but I don’t remember what was the result of discussion. Any way it’s holiday stuff and in my opinion should be able only at holidays.

Was not suggested yet.

You mean like huge boss which requires several people to finish? If this is the case, it’s already suggested. If you mean Hero but evil, The Rebel was suggested.

bruh while I was writing this MNaeemi777 wrote nearly the same


the third one was suggested by on wing

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Thanks.I don’t mean to add them now.I know the devs are busy.They add things at they’re own pace.Thanks for the answers everyone.


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