Please answer this questions

I have some questions about new game please answer me.
1.will the original release be available in both offline and online modes?(Why not?)
2.Are all the levels in CIU copies of levels in other CI(s)?
3.what i should do for gaining rockets?

3 : Buy them with keys in the galaxy shop, just like every single superweapon. 2: Yes
1: Not known for now IIRC. Sorry for the reverse answers.

  1. well it’s a server-based game so i guess online only
  2. we have some unique bosses already, and the Squawk Block mode has totally unique waves. we might get some more even
  3. buy them with keys in the shop, 99 keys for a 9 rockets package

Nitpick police wee woo wee woo

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Thanks for answer.
Are you in developer team?
If yes please make the game be available offline.
Here i have some ideas to do this:
1.make the game completly offline with all requierd assets(doesn’t matter the size) and we just connect to internet for herocam and daily challenges.
2.make the game online but if someone wants to play offline can download the assets of the star system
3. Make two setup files one offline with more size and like(1) and another online and like(2)

No, he’s not.

Are you?


Sorry but do you know someone that is in developer team?

@InterAction_studios is your man


I am not in the developer team, nor is anyone else on this forum except mr. Konstantinos Prouskas, the only one in IA besides the music composers


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