Unofficial CI4U Leaderboards

DePeeper has made this for CI5U

so I shall make one for CI4U

anyway here’s my score

yes i did just beat SSH CI4U without deaths, specials, and satellites



first one to finish CI4 legitimately, rookie no special weapons no overheat. In 31.48.791 old world record then got banned

Well this is my results
i’m using m404

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Accum with Attractors on a 404.


Thats a lie

Well, did you cheat? (Skipping around waves with the debug keys does not count as cheating)


Yeah, I mentioned that in the beta topic, I thought by the server won’t be caring about skipping waves, that waves anti-cheat was disabled (new run after bringing hen solo to egg cannon, using debug). lmao

Just to note, I made the unofficial CI5U thread once it went to Live, to keep things consistent. Since 4U is still in beta, things can change, whether minor or major.

you couldve just used the number keys

Number keys won’t let me see past wave 120 or cheat or play around with missions. (Debug keys work for any other mission btw)

the only game you can see past wave 120 is CI3 :smirk:

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You’re right, still wanted to see what happens in modern CIU, also let’s not forget big chicken#214748364

I lost a live in a very dumb situation: crashing into food bubble in Intercepting Delivery.

Could’ve gone for flawless if my positron locked on the egg shell in front of me at the final battle

in yesterday (i died 2 times against final wave egg cannon and supernova)


mission config.

Wait, if i’m not wrong, CI4U hasn’t released as official version yet. I thought this is used for CI4U in official version

Well, since people are too excited about how close this beta is to when CI5U released, they decided to make an early access leaderboard topic.
Just note that every score entry made during beta aren’t meant to be compared to the ones in the official release because some wave structures have been altered to match CI4 more.

ssh unprepared, no special weapons, no lives lost, no overheating, yes satellites used because misclicking

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This is too bad. But this isn’t a problem because we are playing on BETA server
Anyway, first try with my BX9 Legend (only HUD, lives and coolants). I also left 3 lives :skull:
And why am i lost the Satelitle medal? Because of that annoying Alien Mother-ship.


I’ll try to break my record later when CI4U is released in official version (or someone else will try to break it)