Uh Oh! This could be the start of 'Slangification' of CIU

Usually the chicken invaders community doesn’t swear but this guy’s profile name is troubling.

This is no big deal on most pg-13 or above internet sites but this is concerning because the Chicken Invaders Series is supposed to be kid friendly. There are a bunch of kids playing it What will children think of the game, especially when there is no warning for internet swear words. I really just feel like this needs attention.


This isn’t the first time this happened.

I will again suggest a on/off censor option for bad words, because out right banning certain phrases can lead to complications. Sometimes you write something normal and the system could flag that as inappropiate because there’s something in the middle or something. If it will be on/off, then the worry for over-censor will be smaller.


Swearing ≠ ſlang.

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That’s fine for me. But there should be something done to counter swearing. I can’t imagine new kids seeing this guy’s username, especially in front of their parents who thought it was an innocent game.

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My bad.I edited the post now

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But this censor option would hide this and similar words. Maybe parents will be needed to be notified of this option.

there is also a person which has THAT word…

That’s the first mention of galbatorix supreme’s easy top 1 on the forum. Now I am on the road to the endless fame and infinite power!!!

Ok, seriously now. On/off censorship for bad words that Davoid proposed is probably the best way to get rid of this problem. Many games use similar chat filters, that can be turned off if player wants to do so. In most cases it works pretty well.

This is a known and complex issue (see Not allowing some names ). It must be tackled by a combination of blacklisting and user reporting.

The user in question has been warned, and the callsign has been reset. Basic word blacklisting has also been implemented. User reporting will have to wait for now.

:medal_sports: Idea


Someone also has a no-no word as their callsign, which starts with ‘n’.

Shouldn’t I (For bringing up the mechanic) or atleast @PenguinBOI get the medal for being the first to mention it? You linked to his topic…
Also I feel like a bad username has been mentioned before (Especially with isp claiming so too) on the forums, so someone could have been the original person even earlier.
EDIT: I did actually mention this early too.

EDIT EDIT: It could be argued that @PeriCore was the very first to mention chat moderation, though he was against it. So first or opposite-first?

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In my opinion, there should be a button for reporting players for bad callsigns when you click on players

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Yeah, I think I should get a medal too.

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Ps: my idea was censoring these names. You can found it by digging up the forum.

Yeah, I saw it.

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I really don’t deserve the medal. I only gave proof about offensive usernames. Maybe give the medal to Davoid for bringing up the solution.

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  1. Censorship is very hard, and it’s not a 100% solved problem. It hasn’t been fully solved before, and I highly doubt CIU is going to be the game to finally solve it.

  2. Reporting of callsigns (and all user input, really) was planned from day 1. So censorship isn’t really anyone’s idea… but the particular mechanics through which it’s implemented might be.

  3. Until recently I thought that a “report player” button would be sufficient (mainly because a word blacklist has soooo many problems), but @Recruit_75 's post made me realize that it wouldn’t work in certain cases: How do you report a player who isn’t near you in the galaxy, but can rather only see their name in a top-10 list? A series of “report” buttons next to each entry? Ugh. Hence the actual change of not allowing some callsigns altogether.

  4. Reconsidered medals:
    @PenguinBOI :medal_sports: Idea (for mechanic of not allowing some callsigns)
    @Recruit_75, @isp: :medal_sports: Bug (for reporting inappropriate callsigns). This is borderline, so let’s hope it doesn’t get abused or it will be discontinued.

@Davoid: I only see your idea about manually activated censorship (which hasn’t been implemented yet).
@isp: “N” callsign has been warned.


I didn’t get the medal. My username is ChickenSlayer

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You will earn the medal after the next update got launched, just like every other player.