Two small bugs (?)

First: The FPS bar covers your points, and the “ESC-Menu” while playing.

Second: The GUI at the main menu cannot be painted (I’m not sure this is a bug or not) As you can see I painted everything red, but the main menu buttons are still blue.

If these are bugs, could you fix them in the next update?

How do you expect the fps bar to not cover anything at all?

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Main Menu buttons aren’t coloured because at that point you still haven’t logged into your account, so the game doesn’t have information on which colour to paint it.


If you don’t like fps covers your score just disable it.


If something is buggy, turning it off is not the solution. That’s why the forum exists, so you can report bugs to the developers.


Fps counter is not a part of game. It’s something like debug info so there is no point to make it different than now. And it’s not a bug.


Umm… make the FPS indicator und the UI?

What is the point of fps counter if it will be hidden behind UI?

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No I mean

make it appear here
Sorry I’m in a hurry


It could work for now but I’m sure there will be something in this zone later, so I don’t think it is necessary at all.

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Yeah, something like that.


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