Travelling between star systems needs something more

On my opinion those moments when we travel to other star systems a little poor in actions. You just press “Let’s fly!”, nothing more. But how about a mini-game which will allow I do not know, to keep a small part of fuel depending on success? For example, during flight there is some circle/image to which center it is necessary to move a mouse “To optimize something”. I think it will be small but interesting addition to the main gameplay.


A few months back ſomeöne ſuggeſted ſurpriſe levels that crop up during travel (I think it might have been me, but I’m not ſure). Comet chaſes were alſo ſuggeſted.

EDIT: The idea was actuälly firſt ſuggeſted by anotheruser12 as far as I could tell, juſt ſo noöne gives me the credit.

Sorry, I didn’t noticed those threads.

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They were a while back. I’ve given up on expecting new uſers to know what’s goïng on ſince early acceſs ſtarted.

The converſation ſtarts here. I know it’s in a completely unrelated thread, but back then there were a lot fewer uſers and fewer ideas (and thus fewer topics), ſo it was a bit like a multi-thread extended chat on the forum. Oh, and it was anotheruser12 who had the idea.

I think those ideas should be given mostly if someone is traveling off road…(The highway should have some problems but not much difficult.)

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Better yet (might as well bring this up again), why not let us fly the ship ourselves by using the cursor to steer?
Maybe we could at least fly the ship ourselves around a single star system if we can’t go from one star system to another.
Just imagine if the ships controlled something like the cells in Spore, or maybe something like this little Flash test.

In CI4 there is a retro universe …I think while Going to a galaxy a sudden black hole entering will take you there and start a mission…

OR, It could be added in the Galaxy map…
Besides the space craft in that pic of yours is great…It should be added.

Still thinking about solutions to this. The problem is that random encounters while in warp speed could occur when you’re offline (because you move while offline). Not sure how this should be handled.

@BCMediaPlayer This can be added if there’s demand, but I don’t see what it will accomplish apart from costing more fuel.

Retro missions are going to be made available on wormholes.

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Not if you’re only capable of flying within the present star system.
The way I see it, fuel only depletes when travelling to another star system, so if you stay in the current one, you might have something.

I disagree with the topic’s idea itself because when I want to travel to another Star System I wouldn’t want to be interrupted by some minigame to reach my desired destination.

However, the idea of manually flying sounds pretty neat, but nonethenless, unnecessary.

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I didn’t mean to interrupt the warp, I mean save some amount of fuel by winning minigames. You can exit minigame and travel by old metod.

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Now that you mention that, that sounds pretty neat, and I’ve got just the perfect minigame:

You would do a few waves of the infamous Warp waves in Chicken Invaders 3 from The 5th chapter, Comet Chase.

Let me get everything in order, since I’m actually excited to write this idea down!

Firstly, when you were to travel and click on a Star System, just like you normally do right now, you will click the travel button, then, you would choose Off-Road or Intergalactic Highway, just like now, and after that you could choose either normal travel, which of course is just traveling to the Star System for the normal ammount of fuel, or, you could choose to risk a few waves of the comet chase waves, you would only have 1 life during the minigame.

If you are succesful in passing the waves without dying, you’ll consume let’s say 15% less fuel to reach your destination, but if you die, it would be 15% more expensive reaching your destination, you will reach your destination either way, but either with a benefit or a penatly.

The ammount of waves would vary for how much fuel the normal travel would cost, if the normal fuel cost would be under 200, 1 wave, if it’s under 500, 2 waves, if it’s under 1000, 3 waves, if it’s under 1500, 4 waves, if it’s under 2000, 5 waves, and so on.


Or how about…comet chase…but it’s in the actual galaxy? Not in regular waves,but they’d literally appear while you’re going towards another system.