Amubshes when traveling

I just had this idea that could be cool in my opinion:

So, how about some ambushes while traveling? It could add a whole lot to traveling!
My ideas would be the following:

When traveling, you’d have chances of encountering an ambush of a few waves, I think max 3 sounds alright in my view, with no boss at the end, just those 3 waves of chickens, 2 waves of commet chase or 1 boss. One of these in an ambush.

The chances for this would be minimal on the intergalactic highway, and decent on Off-Road.
And I think it would be easier for coding that this should be decided when you press the travel button, not live while traveling. Say 10% chance that when you press travel on the intergalactic highway to encounter an ambush and 30% chance if you’re going off-road.

Also, I think 1 ambush per trip should be the cap. For it not being able to happen more than once.

The penalties for loosing the battle or fleeing it would be consuming a bonus 10% oil of how much the trip costs, and the reward would be just what you get in the ambush, like a few keys and some food.

Personally I think this could be a good idea for the game.


I love this idea. I think it would be realy cool to be ambushed while traveling but I think 3 waves not enough. i think chicken waves shoud range 3 to 7 or 3 to 5 wave asrtoid or commet chase or 1 boss.


I think it would be a great thing, but I also know that many people don’t like to have RNG based stuff like that that could screw you if you’re not prepared.

Having ambushes gives a sense of how much things are screwed on space, and it would be awesome.


Suggested by at least 5 people till now.


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