Transfer Data (Please, how)

How I transfer my info of ciu in a new computer?

Literally, i readed all topics of Ciu to transfer Data but nothing works
I readed the Frequently asked questions but still dont works! I cant find the archive!

I searched in all archives what can to stand
But nothing
Please! Help!

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You must copy the files from C:\ProgramData\InterAction studios\CIU to the exact same folder, but in your new computer.

When I was doing that I also created a new account on new computer so it could create this folder and then replaced the files with my old ones.

I will test


You mean I transfer them from my old computer to the other One?


That’s right

(stupid discourse I can’t just write “yes”)

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Literally, i cant, i need fix/delete/other because I dont received Internet connect ion to my computer

In Few words, thanks anyway


I don’t exactly understand what do you mean. In which computer do you not have internet connection?

And only half a year of use

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I don’t even know why I am still doing this.

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