I’ve been wondering and just wanted to be sure whether or not this community is toxic/arrogant in any way. I always approach communities with skepticism, so I apologize if this question offends anyone.


This seems suspicious to me

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While I don’t understand why you made this topic but ok.

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Well, anyways, this community is nice, and it’s not skeptical, feel free to ask anything


the coummunity here isnt toxic at all until someone got a bad reputation

While the CIU community at most times isn’t toxic, the number of site moderators here (which is one) is definitely not enough to manage the site 24/7.

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Alright. Thank you.

Though, iA said that he’ll probably add some moderators after the early access phase

I’d say the people here are fairly okay. There have been rare occurrences of some… less okay people but they were dealt with at their times. Overall, the community is quite good on the forums.


The community isn’t toxic most of the times, but who knows, in one peaceful day suddenly someone just post a nude picture on a random topic or even bump it.


What are you laughing about? (suspicious)

I think about this one:

the forums are ok
the unofficial server is uhh
the forums are ok


Ah yes, the usual “incomparable fan server” situation. I see how it is.

Enter in CI discord and see how toxic the community really is. Now its more toxic than 15 toxic chicken gas clouds in one place. Dont listen to selfish or confused people who said that the community is quite good and wonderful. I would say it is, but only around 20% of it.


Yes, I’d have to agree with Nikito here. There are a few gems here and there but most people aren’t the nicest. The best giveaway is literally the fact so far 2 users have been quick to conclude your post was suspicious.

The forum is mostly fine so you can hang out here and expect your back to be covered by people with common sense if you ever post constructive criticism or general advice, that’s for sure.


It isn’t suspicious, but kinda dumb, especially seeing as he could just have looked at the nature of the posts on the forum. Pro tip: ignore the mini-mod.

I’d say their approach was much better than simply observing posts. This thread says a 1000 more words because it shows how unwelcome controversy can be, even though there literally is no criticism in OP’s question and it’s just that - a normal question.

Anyway, like I said, there’s still that group of people who accept different opinions. So I’d say browsing the forum and posting is definitely worth it, especially since the developer himself reads posts and interacts with us.


Stick to the forums if you prefer keeping things simple.