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Back when I suggested it,it didn’t really get reviewed or discussed all that much,and I think people would want to discuss it a bit more thoroughly.

Read it thoroughly, and discuss it here.


I can’t ask too many questions at the moment because I don’t have much time, so I’ll ask the first one that came to mind - do you think it’s possible to replace the overheat bar with said power bar depending on the ship model? More so a question @InterAction_studios has to answer.

I don’t know if the Engine support this…

I think,the code for that ship can be modified like this:

1)Instead of “heating” when firing,you can hardcode it to “heat” when not firing.

2)Allow the bar to fill up multiple times while heating,when each time the bar fills,the firing modifies itself,similar to Vulcan Chaingun.

I don’t really know the code,and anyway it’s up to iA to say whether it’s possible or not.

There’s no way the engine doesn’t support this, actually. It must be possible but it depends on a few factors, like how CIU is programmed and whether IA feels like doing it.

If the overheat bar is an independent part of the UI with its own separate script, then it’s gonna be extremely easy to just add a second bar of this kind called the energy bar (in its own script) that the game would load when you pilot this spacecraft.

But if the overheat bar is sort of hard-coded into the UI and doesn’t have its own file, doing this would be much harder because it would require IA to reprogram a core gameplay component to achieve what I described in the first scenario, so that then he can finally add the energy bar.

If scenario 2 happens to be our scenario, then we’re not seeing this feature in the game due to how much time and effort it would require. Not to mention that there’s the risk of breaking the entire game.


Question:Is the heat bar hard-coded,or does it run it’s own independent script?

It’s possible, but it’s an entirely different mechanic (similar to how the “charging” mechanic had to be added for the Absolver), which means more work. More importantly, I see a lot of cascading changes that have to be made in other areas (weapons, store). So, uh… not very likely.



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