Title For Youtubers

Hello everyone
Well,this is my first time…i create the idea
And my idea is for a title or medal for Youtubers Chicken Invaders Universe,since youtubers have contributed a lot in promoting the game to everyone, why can’t we give them a little something?
Regarding rewards for youtubers, I would recommend the following
First:1 title is visible next to the spaceship like a medal when you purchase a Chicken Hunter License like this

Second:A medal with a youtube logo (which I don’t know how to make, so I don’t have an illustration, sorry everyone .__.)
About the conditions:
Your channel will be evaluated by IA through factors such as
-Video quality (randomly choose 1 video)
of the channel
-Healthy video
And this title will be a limited title so not everyone can receive it, the title is only given to worthy youtubers
That’s my whole idea of the title for youtubers chicken invaders universe
I think having such a title will encourage more people to pursue making chicken invaders universe videos
Thank you very much and have a nice day to those who read this post


before we continue this episode i’d like to thank our new sponsor, chicken invaders universe


Youtube Hunter License


I’m sure there will be no affiliations within iA and Google, since YouTube is from Google and those ideas may be interesting


But google has taken down iA’s google play account, why do you think he would do something like this? Sorry mate but it’s likely not gonna be possible.

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Can’t wait for people to spam low-effort, clickbait content for them mad views


Wait, why did they take it down?

Well I thing because is the best CI game

Google is like, low effort games good(there are a lots of rip-offs of CI), high effort games bad

They probably took it down because of the editions, but then again it still sucks, iA could have at least bundled the editions into a one app so that could be avoided, but yeah this is the reality we live in right now, but I don’t care since I only game on mobile when I’m at school.

The medal could be the Golden play button


Or we can change another logo

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Yeah,it will be great

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I will suggest more if the idea is approved
I will ask IA not to award youtuber medals to players who make unhealthy videos


just the games not a google account ban smh

i mean IA can give them to youtubers by hand and you have a youtube api right

not everything is automated by AI’s, we truly live in a society /s


Strongly disagree. YouTubers are just like any other player, giving them a boost like that would cause a wave of low quality videos flooding the CIU section from those who just want to get extra keys for free, even though they probably won’t achieve their goal with no effort.


I like the idea of the “Content creator” tag but I disagree with the ability for every player to get it.

In my opinion IA should (if this idea gets implemented somehow) manually approve only an handful of selected good content creators and not anyone.

Content crators are an huge part of a videogame comunity but not everyone shold be one.
(And the bonus keys/ex medal would encourage low effort content just to get them… it’s proof that my vision of this system Is not the best but the most healthy for the game as a whole)

Hmm, I should have added a good quality video

Just some people…I think it might cause injustice

I think the “7000 key” part should be remove because that will cause a unbalance with the Youtuber and Non-Youtuber