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I think it’s normal because every contribution of youtubers in CIU must also be returned with a little key to be considered as credit for what they did to promote the game.

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I could just upload random CIU vids and get 7000 keys, which I am
Did you meant influencer?

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Little keys? why though
if they just make a random video on just CIU (even just they are just 3-7 or more minutes because they are just doing missions and multiplayer that’s literally it
making them gain instant 7k keys and a medal? can you see the difference between what youtubers do and what non-youtuber do
that can make alot more unfair than it was before

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Even if there are strict requirements for receiving YouTuber bonuses, I don’t think a one-man army will have time to watch and check every video.


Did you read my post carefully, it takes 7000-10000 views in 1 month to get that title
I plan to add more video quality

Hmm ._.

I think that CIU needs an active player goal, like 50k active players, to think about adding smth like that.

I will change the condition and remove 7000 keys reward soon ._.

if your channel have a lot of interacts, you don’t even need to upload CIU vids

New Change Conditions,Remove 7000 Keys Reward

No hope at all for this, iA will have to waste thousands of hours watching YouTube videos (to ensure that a video is good you must watch 100% of it).

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he can just have the forum to decide which to get the title, like ideas

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including me

I know my idea won’t work but I want youtubers to have something exclusive to their game like to encourage motivation.

wdym by it

basically u will get reconized by iA himself, proving that u r valuable to the game community
Also i just replied to this, actually saving this topic

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no problem, love the idea btw

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